All about Fat carbon and its colorful carbon fiber scales 13 June 2019

All about Fat carbon and its colorful carbon fiber scales

Discover Fat Carbon with the interview of its creator : Ovidijus JUCIUS

As you can see we have a new range of products in our handle material section. We started a new partnership with Fat Carbon, who makes colorful carbon fiber scales. Innovatives and originals, we are thrilled to offer you these new items !

In order to introduce you these products (if you don't know it yet), we preferred to leave the word to the creator.

You will find in this blog article the presentation of Fat Carbon and its colorful carbon fiber scales in an interview conducted by our team.

I Introduction of Fat Carbon

Who is Fat carbon materials? Could you please tell us a bit more about you and your company? Where the idea of this project is coming from?

Fat Carbon is a trustworthy provider of high-quality machinable carbon fiber composites :) I started working with composites back in 2009, mostly in the motorsport field. Over the years I saw a need of very thick carbon fiber plates for machining purposes, slowly developed technique how to make carbon fiber laminates up to 150 mm thick, sold few plates to knife makers and they where looking for something new, so we tried to create something unique for them and this is how everything started .

When did you started your activity?

With fatcarbonmaterials I started almost a year ago, so we still very young.

How do you choose the colors of your products, how do you create your patterns?

Regarding colors,  we listen to our friends and customers what they really like and want, once we have decided how new material should look like, we make molds and  do several test runs until the look of it achieved to what we like.

Arctic Storm, Mars Valley, these are all fancy names! How do you name your products?

Choosing names, again, our customers helping us a lot, and we very thankful for that. Most recent names "jungle wear" and "arctic storm" was chosen from our customer's suggestions on social media.

Do you have any new coming colors / products / patterns ?

Yes we do have new patterns coming later this year :)

Are some colors/ patterns more popular in a country than in another ?

Actually, it is. For example, one of our most popular patterns is "Snakeskin," which is made either with bronze or copper metal between each carbon fiber layer, In Europe more popular is "snakeskin gold" with bronze metal however in the US is different, more popular copper version. Same with colored like "arctic storm", "jungle wear," mars valley" versions, some are more popular in Europe some in the US.

II Carbon fiber

Can you explain us what is carbon fiber ? Is it a material easy to work with ? Is there any risk of breaks during the cutting of grinding operations ? What kind of tools do you recommend to get the best result ?

Probably short answer would be -strong and light fiber-reinforced plastic which contains carbon fibers. A more scientific explanation: A composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. In general, our all materials are made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin in 60:40 ratio, in some cases we add metals or ceramic, pigments to achieve desirable effects. With most of our materials is very easy to start working with, it doesn't require special tools to start working with it, you can use any hand tool like file, grinder, belt sander, a jigsaw and so on. however, while cutting it generates abrasive dust, so we recommend using tungsten carbide tools in order to have a much better tool lifetime (for example perma-grit tools). Regarding milling it on CNC, tool choice usually depends on your needs, if you like to make just a few pars, then even cheap HSS endmills works very well. For more professional use, almost all tools companies have endmills specific for composites. Also it is possible to finish surface by rubbing it with wet sandpaper starting with 380 grit, and if polished shiny surface needed, up to 1800grit folowing with polishing compoud (for example 3M PERFECT-IT 50417, or any other)

and don't forget to wear safety gogles and repirator ! :)

Does adding colors into this product modifies it ? Does it make it weaker/stronger…?

Adding color it doesn't affect composite strength noticeably, however adding metals like bronze or copper does some effect and adhesion between layers could be slightly less strong, so these composites need a little bit  more attention while working, especially then drilling (slow feed of drillbit recommended )

III Applications

For which application can we use Fat Carbon materials ?

The application list is endless, our customers use it in very different fields, like knife making, jewelry, watchmaking, interior design, custom products, automotive, and many more...

Can we order special dimensions?

Yes, most patterns are available in custom dimentions and thickness.

Thank you Obvidijus for your answers! We are impatient to discover your new patterns!

You want to try them !

You can find the carbon fiber scales of Fat Carbon in the "Carbon Fiber" section.


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