From forging to finishing, all the accessories and tools you need to assemble your knives.


From forging to finishing, all the accessories and tools you need to assemble your knives.

All the cutlery supplies you need to create your own knives.

Specializing in steel and cutlery supplies since 1962, Eurotechni has selected everything you need to make your own knives, from forging to final assembly.

From forging tools to assembly parts and accessories, Eurotechni has selected the best components for you, from the most classic to the most modern.

A meticulous selection that puts quality first.

With over 60 years' experience working closely with cutlery craftsmen and manufacturers, Eurotechni has built up a reputation for competence and rigor in the cutlery industry.

We have selected for you the best cutlery supplies from the best manufacturers and partners.

From simple rivets to highly technical mounting screws, from mechanism bearings to locking balls, from forging and cutlery tools to melting furnaces for tempering operations, Eurotechni offers a complete range of professional quality products for your cutlery creations from A to Z.

Rivets, pins, screws, rosettes and spacers.

Indispensable for the assembly of your knives, whether fixed- or folding-blade, these small accessories are nonetheless of the utmost importance.

These top-quality components not only ensure the structural strength of your knives, but also a perfect fit and maximum longevity.

Whether copper, brass, steel or stainless steel, the materials used in these cutlery items are selected for their aesthetic appeal, ease of use, robustness and longevity.

Whatever the future use of your creation, whether a ceremonial knife or a utility knife, a city knife or a field knife, there's a cutlery range to suit your knife projects.

Technical cutlery supplies for experienced cutlers.

Our knifemakers have talent and boundless imagination.

A few years' experience in knifemaking enables craftsmen (and sometimes tenacious, inventive amateurs) to create knives, most of them lockable, where ingenuity vies with creativity, skill with cunning, art with aesthetics.

The result is perfectly original knives whose mechanisms can be as harmonious as they are fluid, as surprising as they are mysterious.

Pure marvels.

To achieve this, new cutlery supplies such as ceramic or stainless steel retention balls, ceramic ball bearings, special washers and beryllium bronze sheets have been developed.

A must-have accessory and ready-to-assemble knives.

For aficionados of fine food and wine, Eurotechni has selected a range of perfectly functional solid stainless steel corkscrews.

Their 5 coils are perfect for opening a good bottle without a hitch, and above all without damaging the cork.

For beginners to cutlery and those curious about ancestral knife-making techniques, Eurotechni offers several models of folding or fixed-blade knives in DIY kits.

Complete with detailed assembly instructions, these kits will enable you to learn the right gestures and practices to assemble your own knife, a highly personal object, with the pride of having succeeded.

From forge hearth to anvil.

Newcomers to the Eurotechni universe, our range of heat-treatment melting furnaces and forging tools have been rigorously selected by our manufacturing partners to offer professional equipment and tools at very competitive prices to experienced knife-makers and craftsmen alike.

With these materials, anything is possible, from the manufacture of your own cutlery supplies (blades, plates, springs, etc.) to the manufacture of Damascus steel for the most creative and ingenious.

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