Handle Material

Handle Material

Find here a whole range of materials for the manufacture of knife handles. Stabilized wood tiles, carbon fiber plates, inserts with inclusions.

Handle Material
Handle Material

Find here a whole range of materials for the manufacture of knife handles. Stabilized wood tiles, carbon fiber plates, inserts with inclusions.

Precious woods, carbon fiber scales, acrylic and composite materials

Eurotechni offers you a growing range of materials for the manufacture of knife handles. Whether you are looking for the natural shine of wood, the lightness and great diversity of patterns allowed by carbon fiber, or the originality of our acrylic resin and composite material scales, you will find everything you need on our website to craft your next knives handles.

Wood, an essential in cutlery

Wood is one of the most widely used materials in cutlery. Eurotechni offers you a selection of quality stabilised wood species, thanks to our trusted partners: Resin' and Co and Novawood. Whether you are looking for local species, such as birch wood, burr walnut and beech wood, or whether you want to work with more exotic species, such as gidgee wood, amboina wood or iron wood, Eurotechni offers you a wide choice of woods, cut into scales or blocks, unique pairs (such as our lightning-struck wood scales) or more sober patterns, ideal for all cutlery applications. Stabilised or unstabilised, stained or natural, in burr or standing wood, our offer guarantees choice and quality.

Carbon fiber, technicality, lightness and originality

Particularly used in the automotive industry, carbon fiber is an interesting material for cutlery in many ways. Very light, uncommonly strong and easy to work with, carbon fiber, used in the manufacture of knife handles, guarantees lightness and an original appearance to your next pieces. Whether you are looking for bright colours or original patterns that will give your next creations a unique aesthetic, Fat Carbon, Eurotechni's supplier partner for many years, makes sturdy carbon fibre inserts of undeniable quality, with a wide variety of colours and patterns : there will be something for everyone! To find out more about the company and what has contributed to its international reputation, you can find an interview with its founder, Ovidius Jucius, in our dedicated blog article.

Acrylic resin, many properties and applications

Acrylic resin is a material which, in addition to allowing the inclusion of all kinds of objects, materials and patterns, has exceptional properties, perfectly suited to the creation of knives. Glossier than glass, acrylic resin is also resistant to UV rays, protecting it from yellowing. It can be repolished as required and is very resistant. Acrylic resin is also used in jewellery, furniture and eyewear. Our pairs of inserts are ideal for the creation of knife handles, and will easily meet the needs of the most demanding knifemakers.

Composite materials, for unique knives

Our growing selection of composite materials guarantees you original materials and as many appearances that will allow your knife to make the difference. Are you looking for the white reflections of ivory?  Elforyn®, a high-quality synthetic ivory, is available in a variety of colors to ensure elegant knife handles. Would you like more original designs, snakeskin or colorful meanders? The wide variety of shapes and textures allowed by the Juma® scales will certainly please you!


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