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Discover the Elforyn and Juma materials through the interview of Pascal Julien ! 22 December 2020

Discover the Elforyn and Juma materials through the interview of Pascal Julien ! Mise en avant

Elforyn and Juma: two product ranges united by a common approach.

Elephant ivory, used since thousand of years by Man.

Man and ivory, thousands of years of history.

For thousands of years, Man has been working with ivory, teeth and tusks of mammals, such as the mammoth, the rhinoceros, the walrus, the narwhal or the warthog... Elephant ivory being, by far, the best known, and the most renowned, appreciated and valued not only for its incomparable white color, its opacity, its reflections, but also its texture. Over the centuries, it has acquired an image of prestige - all the more so because in modern times, before its ban, it was a very rare and expensive material. Indeed, the elephant is an endangered species, with an estimated 20,000 elephants killed each year for this "white gold". The trade in elephant ivory was first strictly controlled (by the CITES - Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species), then completely banned in France, since the decree of August 16, 2016.

Responsible alternatives.

Following these upheavals, and in order to make practices more responsible, alternatives appeared: vegetal ivory, but also Celulloid. However, because of its high flammability, the use of this material was gradually abandoned, without replacement... Until Bachmann took up the problem, to propose a solution that combines ease of use, incomparable aesthetics, and respect for the environment: Elforyn. Slightly textured appearance, color, touch... This material, designed by the company, looks just like white gold... And feels like it, too !

Elforyn... And more !

In addition to this responsible alternative to white gold, Bachmann has developed a number of scales in various designs and colors, grouped together under the name "Juma". Whether you are looking for original designs, bright colors or simple camouflage, you will find something to dress up your knife handles from this range !

What is the strength of Elforyn and Juma products? How do you work them ? What is the approach behind the company ? These are all questions that we asked Pascal JULIEN, Bachmann's managing director, who was kind enough to answer to it. Follow the guide !





Bachmann Kunstsoff Technologien

Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien, its history, its values.

Hi Mr. JULIEN ! To start the interview, could you tell us what is Bachmann ? Could you please tell us a bit more about you and your company ?

Pascal JULIEN : « Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien (BKT) » was founded in the early 1980 by Mr. Bachmann. The goal was to develop high performance plastics for various industries. The Elforyn and Juma products are just a small part of the product range from BKT and emerged from a development for a German university where students are trained as ivory carvers.

How do you choose the colors of your products, and how do you create your patterns ? Where do you find inspiration ?

PJ : Main ideas for colors and patterns are coming from the heat of our development team. Our team is inspired by wildlife, gems and stones. Producing the patterns inside the raw Juma materials is a highly complex manufacturing process and a trade secret, based on 40 years of plastic processing and development.

What led you to create animal prints (snake, dragons) or environmentally oriented prints (woodland, marshland, desert)?

PJ : The animal prints have been created to offer a new range of products which has not been on the market yet and offering an alternative to usual available plastics and exotic woods. The military collection should imitate the wellknown « camouflage » look.

Juma patterns available on our website
Juma - Cam Snow Juma - Cam Woodland Juma - Tac Desert Juma - Tac Marshland
Juma - Cam Snow Juma - Cam Woodland Juma - Tac Desert Juma - Tac Marshland
Juma - Gem Blue Juma - Gem Orange Juma - Gem Green Juma - Golden Dragon
Juma - Gem Blue Juma - Gem Orange Juma - Gem Green Juma - Golden Dragon
Juma - Purple Dragon Juma - Ivory Snake Juma - Carbon Snake Coming soon...
Juma - Purple Dragon Juma - Ivory Snake Juma - Carbon Snake New patterns available soon...

I deduct that the protection of endangered species and the ecological aspect of your products is an important part of your approach?

PJ : The protection of wildlife, and especially elephants is very important for us, and for our coming generations. Why using the elephants tusk when we offer a sustainable substitute ?

Do you have any news for us in the coming months? Maybe a little preview?

PJ : We're asked this question quite often. We are working on new materials, colors and patterns constantly, but it is a long way to a final product which can be produced in high consistent quality… We have no teaser that can be shown yet and hope there will be an option in the second half of 2021.

A wide range of products and designs to suit all tastes and needs

Can you explain what is Elforyn and Juma ? Is it a material easy to work with ? Do we have to take precautions while working these materials ?

PJ : Elforyn Super Tusk is the closest material to ever replicate genuine elephant ivory. We have paid attention to offer excellent technical and mechanical properties during the development of this newest high-quality ivory substitute. As well as an unique similarity to real ivory. An unbelievable imitation of the color, grain and “Schreger lines”. The structures are visible even in the smallest applications and create a peerless look on each product.

Both Elforyn and Juma have excellent mechanical machinability, i.e. for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing. Juma was developed to give a colorful range by side to the Ivory colored elforyn.

Elforyn shades available on our website
Elforyn - Ivory Grained Elforyn - Ivory White Elforyn - Super Tusk
Elforyn - Ivory Grained Elforyn - Ivory White Elforyn - Super Tusk

Out of curiosity, what are the patterns that are the most bought/used ?

PJ : Most bought colors are Elforyn Super Tusk and the Juma Golden Dragon. The Super Tusk as well as the Golden Dragon give excellent and high grade looks to any finished product.

Do you do « tailor made » products ? On the same page, if someone, tomorrow, has a mind-blowing idea of a new pattern, can you manufacture it « on demand » ?

PJ : Since the production of the structures and the alignment of the pigments and minerals is very complex and difficult, unfortunately not every idea can be realized…..but we are open to all ideas and imaginations.

(If you don't find the dimensions you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact our team !)

How to use and work the Elforyn and Juma scales ?

For which application can we use Elforyn and Juma materials ?

PJ : Both materials are used in the billiard cue industry, music instrument production, for knife handles and jewelry. It is used by manufacturers of pencils and eyewear, and many more industries in sports, tabacco and free time articles.

Quelques exemples de créations en Elforyn

What is the most original support you have seen, manufactured with your products ?

PJ : This question is very difficult to answer because it is a matter of taste. But we show our customers original and unique end products on our instagram account.

Based on some customer feedback, it has been said that your products smell of coconut when worked, is this a way to make your products addictive ? ;)

PJ : Haha, we haven´t seen it from this point of view yet, but we want working with our materials to appeal to all of the senses… So it also spreads a good smell in the work place !

Many thanks, Mr. JULIEN, for answering to all of our questions !

If you have any questions about the Elforyn and Juma product range, please do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. And if you are convinced, just choose your material and design from our selection of composite materials!

Nos conseils pour travailler l'Elforyn et le Juma

Eurotechni's tips for working with Elforyn and Juma materials

You want to use Elforyn and Juma scales for your knife handle ? Here are some tips and tricks for a stunning result !
For optimal results, we recommend using brand new abrasive belts with a good cut ability.

  • For the trimming of the scales : start with a 60 grit.
  • To shape the scales : use a 120 grit abrasive belt, then switch to a 240 grit belt to remove lines on the material.
  • For the polishing : Use a flap wheel (or 400 grit belt) to polish your scales.
  • For the finishing : Use the 622 polishing paste, suitable for polishing plastics, applied on a ventilated cotton cloth. Be careful not to spin it too fast !

Chef's tip : if the material gets hot during his work, don't hesitate to apply a little Marseille soap on your sanding belt!

For all your abrasive and polishing needs, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at SPAP Soucille !

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