Alpin pocket knife Kit DIY "Home Blade"

An Alpin pocket knife in a ready-to-assemble DIY kit. DIY: Do it yourself!Whether you are a knife enthusiast, a do-it-yourselfer or simply a lover of a job well done, this ready-to-assemble Alpin pocket knife kit has been designed for you.Delivered with detailed step-by-step illustrate...

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An Alpin pocket knife in a ready-to-assemble DIY kit.

DIY: Do it yourself!
Whether you are a knife enthusiast, a do-it-yourselfer or simply a lover of a job well done, this ready-to-assemble Alpin pocket knife kit has been designed for you.
Delivered with detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions, you will be able to assemble your Alpin pocket knife yourself and rediscover the ancestral and precise gestures of knife assemblers.
This DIY kit includes all the components of your knife, including solid natural olive wood plates to shape its handle and a genuine leather sheath.
Once assembled, you will have a real knife in your pocket, with an open length of 190 mm and a weight of about 110 g, with the satisfaction of having created it yourself.

Professional quality materials.

All the parts of this Alpin pocket knife kit "Home Blade" by Eurotechni are of professional quality, identical to the steel used by professional cutlers, craftsmen or industrialists.
The parts have been cut, drilled and ground and are ready for assembly.
The spring and the blade have been heat-treated according to the rules of the art to ensure their flexibility and resistance.
The blade has been ground and all that remains is to sharpen it.
Finally, to dress up your Alpin pocket knife nicely, 5 mm thick solid olive wood plates are included in this kit.

Composition of the complete "Home Blade" kit by Eurotechni Alpin pocket knife.

This kit includes all the necessary parts to assemble your Alpin pocket knife, as well as detailed assembly instructions and a genuine leather sheath to protect your Alpin pocket knife.
- A blade (thickness 3 mm x length 101 mm approx.) in Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel with its grinding and heat treatment already done.
- Two pre-drilled stainless steel (thickness 1.25 mm x length 104 mm approx.).
- One spring already drilled and hardened (approx. 3 mm thick x 103 mm long).
- Two solid natural olive wood plates (length 130 mm x width 28 mm x thickness 5 mm) for the handle.
- Stainless steel rods Ø1.98 mm for the assembly and Ø2.4 mm for the blade axis.
- Detailed step-by-step illustrated assembly instructions.
- A locally made genuine leather case.

Rediscover the ancestral gestures of folding knife assemblers.

All the stages (the "rows") in the manufacture of a knife are important and the assembly stage is no exception to the rule.
Last phase before sharpening and polishing, the assembly must be carried out meticulously, with precise gestures.
This is an opportunity to learn or re-learn the ancestral gestures of knife makers and the unique satisfaction of having assembled, adjusted, sharpened and polished your own knife.

How do I assemble my own Alpine knife?

The tools and materials needed.
To assemble this knife kit, it is not necessary to have a complete workshop and all its tools. Any DIY enthusiast will have the minimum necessary on his workbench:
- a vice
- a drill
- a sander or file and sandpaper
- a hammer
- cutting pliers
- a drill bit Ø 2.1 mm
- a Ø 2.5 mm drill bit
- a pencil
And, of course, a little patience, a bit of persistence and a dash of creativity...

The Alpine knife: A companion for mountain people.

The origin of this knife is uncertain, but it seems to have been inspired by Italian knives that appeared around 1860 in Piedmont.
Made exclusively in France, in Thiers since 1905, the Alpin knife has conquered the snowy summits, but also the hearts of mountain people and lovers of simple, robust and efficient knives.
Sober and perfectly functional, the Alpin knife has carved and chiselled quantities of canes, butter moulds and hay rakes in the high mountain pastures of France, Italy and Switzerland.
Incalculable quantities of mushrooms, ceps, chanterelles or morels picked with his blade on Savoyard hillsides and in Alpine undergrowth!
Like the mountain people of the Alps, assemble your own Alpine pocket knife and set out to gather the treasures of the forests of Pen-y-ghent, Scafell, Feldberg, Triberg im Schwarzwald or Alderängarna.
Always in your pocket, it was, and still is, a faithful companion for a midday snack in the middle of a mountain run or a gourmet break on the go in town.

Copyright 3801 - Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the permission of EUROTECHNI S.A.S.

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