G10, Micarta, SureTouch... Follow the guide ! 08 April 2021

G10, Micarta, SureTouch... Follow the guide !

In order to meet the demand of knife makers all around the world, Eurotechni is expanding its selection of materials for the manufacture of knife handles week after week. A constantly evolving range ! First of all, carbon fiber, which is available in many colors and patterns, a light and qualitative material, which the founder of Fat Carbon presents in detail in the interview we offered him; Wood, then, whether local or exotic, stabilized or natural, a sure value for the knife makers for the infinite and organic nuances it offers... In recent months, our team has set out to clear the jungle of composite materials, starting with the products of the company Bachmann, Elforyn (synthetic ivory) and Juma, two variations presented by the managing director of the company, Pascal Julien, in our blog post. Naturally, our attention was drawn to other materials, very much appreciated by knifemakers... G10, Micarta, SureTouch, so many names that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate! What are the qualities of these materials? What makes them particularly interesting for knife making ? Our answers in this article... Follow the guide!

G10 material, for knife liners and knife handles

Originally, G10 was an industrial material, highly valued for its strength. It was used for the installation of electrical and mechanical devices requiring materials that were both resistant and durable over time. Made from fiberglass and epoxy resin, G10 combines strength with undeniable aesthetic and technical qualities - lightness, stability, and a pleasant feel. Over the years, it has become the material of choice for a large number of companies for the production of pistol and revolver grips. It does not rust, does not oxidize, and retains its appearance over time. All the qualities sought by a cutler when it comes to working the handle of the knife, in short!

Its manufacturing process allows for a wide variety of colors, which is why Eurotechni offers you a range of G10 in no less than 17 different colors, from the most sober to the most daring colors, in large thicknesses for handles, or in thin sizes for your liners... The hardest part will be to make your choice ! An overview of the colors offered by Eurotechni in the table below:

G10 - Beige G10 - Bleu G10 - Noir G10 - Bordeaux G10 - Citrus
G10 - Beige G10 - Blue G10 - Black G10 - Bordeaux G10 - Citrus
G10 - Coyote G10 - Rouge G10 - Gris G10 - Orange G10 - Indigo
G10 - Coyote G10 - Red G10 - Grey G10 - Orange G10 - Indigo
G10 - Vert D'eau G10 - Vert G10 - Kaki G10 - Olive G10 - Chili
G10 - Sea Green G10 - Green G10 - Kaki G10 - Olive G10 - Chili
G10 - Jaune G10 - Blanc G10 - Noir Olive Coming Soon
G10 - Yellow G10 - White G10 - Black / Olive More available soon...


Micarta® material, for all types of knife handles

The story of Micarta® began in 1913. George Westinghouse, a famous American engineer and entrepreneur, was interested in the discovery of phenolic resin (Bakelite), the first fully synthetic plastic. He carefully studied the source materials of this material and in turn developed the composition of what later became Micarta®.

Once accessible to professionals, it was used primarily for the manufacture of electrical appliances, but also appreciated for decoration (objects, furniture, etc.). Its exceptional properties also allowed it to break through in many other fields of application: Micarta® combines durability, resistance to water and breakage, and undeniable aesthetic qualities. It was only a matter of time before the cutlery industry became very interested in this new material!

Logo Ultrex

For over 100 years, Norplex Micarta has been carefully developing and manufacturing durable composite materials. The company has grouped the manufacture of its composite materials under the UltreX™ brand: it is under this brand that Micarta® is now manufactured, but also the G10 epoxy resin, as well as their latest development: the SureTouch, which we will come back to a little later.

Micarta® materials, particulary interesting in knifemaking.

Micarta® is a mixture of phenolic resins and various substrates: linen for the "Linen" range, paper for the "Paper" range, burlap for the "Jute" range, and canvas for the "Canvas" range. These materials are then assembled under high pressure and heat. The final result, in addition to being renowned for its durability and ease of handling, is timeless and malleable. It can be made in as many shapes and sizes as the manufacturer's imagination allows. And to make things better, it is easy to work with, being able to be cut, drilled and machined as much as you like, without risk of breakage or deformation. An ideal material, in short !

And the substrates used to make Micarta® give it an unusual aesthetic. "Canvas" offers a textured, rough appearance, while "Linen" reveals, on its surface, a fine mesh of linen fibers that will give a knife handle a very special touch.

You've got it: Micarta® combines technical and aesthetic qualities. Why not try it ? Our Micarta®, manufactured by the American company Ultrex, with a hundred years of know-how, is of incomparable quality. From the ease with which it can be worked to the final finish on your knife. Available in many colors and textures, to be found in the table below... An offer destined to grow!!


Plaques Micarta - Canvas Natural Plaques Micarta - Canvas Natural / Noir Plaques Micarta - Canvas Natural / Noir / Vert Plaques Micarta - Canvas Noir
Micarta - Canvas Natural Micarta - Canvas Natural / Black Micarta - Canvas Natural / Black / Green Micarta - Canvas Black
Plaques Micarta - Canvas Vert Plaques Micarta - Jute Natural Plaques Micarta - Jute Vert Plaques Micarta - Linen Marron
Micarta - Canvas Green Micarta - Jute Natural Micarta - Jute Green Micarta - Linen Brown
Micarta Linen Natural Plaques Micarta - Linen Noir Coming Soon  
Micarta - Linen Natural Micarta - Linen Black More coming soon...


SureTouch™ material, for an excellent grip on the knife handle

Following the great success of the G10, and by extension, of the Micarta®, the company developed what would become the SureTouch, currently patent pending. Revolutionary? Not far off! This brand new composite material superimposes layers of G10 on layers of rubber. A good way to combine the great qualities of these two materials! The strength and durability of G10, the anti-slip properties and the incomparable grip of rubber: a material that will be appreciated for all types of knives! Eurotechni is currently offering the SureTouch in the colors below, while waiting for the range to be extended:

Plaques SureTouch - Bleu / Noir Plaques SureTouch - Coyote / Noir / Olive Plaques SureTouch - Noir / Noir
SureTouch - Blue / Black SureTouch - Coyote / Black / Olive SureTouch - Black / Black
Plauqes SureTouch - Orange / Noir Plaques SureTouch - Vert / Noir Coming Soon
SureTouch - Orange / Black SureTouch - Green / Black More coming soon...


So, what are the differences between G10, Micarta, and SureTouch ?

Micarta, G10 and SureTouch share some common traits... And for good reason! These materials were born from a single base, resin, to which various substrates and components were added. A short summary.

  • The G10 is made of epoxy resin and fiberglass. This allows it to combine durability and strength, in addition to a significant aesthetic advantage. The dimensions offered by Eurotechni are suitable for the manufacture of both spacers and knife handles.
  • The Micarta is made of phenolic resin with a choice of linen, canvas, burlap or paper. Strong and resistant, it has the advantage of offering three very different textures, for knife handles that will stand out.
  • The SureTouch is a kind of "improved" G10: Starting with a G10 base, already known for its solidity, and combining it with the qualities of rubber, the SureTouch will guarantee an excellent grip on your next creations.

Got any questions ?

Want to know more about our composite materials? Wondering how to machine your Micarta handles ? How to keep the shine of SureTouch over time ? Our team is at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us ! If you are convinced, just give it a try! You will surely find the right product for you among our growing range of composite materials.

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